Italian doctor known as 'Dr Magic Flute' allegedly offered to have sex with patient to 'cure' cancer 2 days ago

Italian doctor known as 'Dr Magic Flute' allegedly offered to have sex with patient to 'cure' cancer

A television exposé uncovered the doctor's actions

An Italian doctor who called himself 'Dr Magic Flute' has been uncovered offering to have sex with a patient to "cure" her of a virus which can cause cancer.


Dr. Giovanni Miniello, 60, a gynecologist in the southern city of Bari, told the woman that she appeared to have human papillomavirus (HPV), a sexually transmitted bug that can cause cancer.

He apparently told her: “I have saved many women from cancer. All those I have had contact with were negative afterwards."

However the woman decided to contact Italian newspaper La Repubblica with the story, saying that Miniello had touched her inappropriately and that she was shocked about his proposal to have sex with her.

Maria then reached out to news program Le Iene, who hired an actress to go undercover as a patient.

Since the TV exposé, more women have come forward with allegations against the doctor, claiming they were also abused by Miniello.

Italy24 reports that Miniello claims he is the victim of a media trial and that he has removed himself from the Order of Doctors in Bari and the professional register.


Through his lawyer, Miniello said: "I, who have successfully treated hundreds of women for over 40 years … only proposed an alternative treatment that has yielded results and which in any case is always was assisted by absolute freedom of choice."

He has also claimed to be the victim of a witch hunt, saying he has been forced to protect himself because of the "cameras lurking in the street, ready to destroy, without any hesitation, lives, families, images."

Miniello added: "I go out, in silence, from the scene – he continues – in the hope that the curtain of this terrible media pillory will close."

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