'Predators' Jeff and Lauren Lowe had sex with zoo customers using secret '69' code 6 days ago

'Predators' Jeff and Lauren Lowe had sex with zoo customers using secret '69' code

'I am the one that picks out the cute girls'

The former owners of Joe Exotic's infamous G.W. Zoo, Jeff and Lauren Lowe, have been dubbed "predators" by the jailed Tiger King and his former staff members.


In the second season of the lockdown viral hit, audiences took a deeper look into the people surrounding the Tiger King.

Speaking from prison via video call, Exotic describes the Lowes as "like two rabid dogs in a goldfish bowl".

The 58-year-old continued: "This got so out of hand between sleeping with the female staff and using our customers as sex toys," he says.

"It wasn't about tigers, it wasn't about running a zoo. They're just predators."

Similarly, a number of former employees have also elaborated on the couple's method of detecting potential sexual partners. Volunteer Tyrone Jackson explained that the "code 69" system was used by the Lowes to tell one another there was "a pretty girl in the park".


Former G.W. zookeeper Taryn Walker, also said: "Jeff and Lauren are snakey, they're very snakey. They almost put a spell on you, you almost get brainwashed.

Jeff and Lauren/Via Netflix

"If you're not paying attention, we all got so used to working so much for so little, and we were so tired, and they'd get you to kind of roll in with their way of thinking."

She continued to say that it took her a while to realise what was happening, but she repeatedly heard "Code 69" blasted across the radio.


She continued: "They would show up from the back of their house. A beautiful woman would be walking in and walk past with Jeff and Lauren looking in, and they would be gone."

The Lowes even elaborated on their exploits themselves in the show, lounging on their bed with exotic dancer Sarah Nicole.

She explained that the code system stands for "some bait that just walked in the zoo".

While her husband confirmed what their "family friend" said, Lauren added: "I am the one that picks out the cute girls."


"The person was almost nameless," Jeff continued

"It was typically hit and run."

Tiger King 2 is now streaming on Netflix.

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