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05th Apr 2022

Hundreds of dogs found dead in Ukrainian shelter after being locked away since February 24

Kieran Galpin


Only 150 dogs survived

Hundreds of dogs in an animal shelter in Ukraine have been found dead after being locked away since the start of the Russian invasion.

Charity organisation UAnimals confirmed that 485 dogs were found dead at an animal shelter in Ukraine’s Borodyanka on April 1. Volunteers were reportedly unable to return to the shelter after February 24, when Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

When volunteers returned to the shelter, they found just 150 dogs alive, reports CBS. In a translated Instagram post, UAnimals confirmed that “All of them died of hunger and thirst.”

Images and videos have been circulating on social media. Oleksandra Matviichuk, a lawyer and head of a Ukraine nonprofit, tweeted: “I have no words. Russians even killed dozens of dogs in Kyiv region. WHY??”

The video in the post has not been independently verified.

“Bro this shit’s devastating,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another wrote: There are no f*****g words to describe this kind of thing. My god.”

Ukrainian Interior Ministry advisor Anton Gerashchenko also shared images on social media alongside a video of volunteers moving the bodies of deceased animals.

The surviving animals have been transported to various clinics for treatment, but “several dogs did not reach the clinics and died on the way.”

The charity is now offering 50,000 hryvnias, approximately $1,700, as a reward for anyone willing and able to take the surviving animals.

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