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14th Oct 2015

Have scientists accidentally found a cure for cancer?

Best accident ever?


There’s a new cancer treatment that’s been helping the vast majority of patients – malaria.

You didn’t read that wrong. Scientists in Denmark have been using a malaria protein to protect pregnant women from the deadly disease, but discovered that the method can also help attack cancerous cells.

The Independent report that the protein in question, when combined with a toxin, can attach itself to cancer sells and kill them off – and it’s worked in 90% of all types of cancer it has been tested on so far.


Up until now, the potential cure has been tested on mice with cancer, but not on humans.

“The biggest questions are whether it’ll work in the human body, and if the human body can tolerate the doses needed without developing side effects,” said University of Copenhagen researcher Ali Salanti.

So it’s positive news, but we ought not to get too carried away.