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17th Sep 2022

Gogglebox viewers left angry over coverage of Queen’s death

Charlie Herbert

Gogglebox viewers left angry over coverage of Queen's death

‘I want to escape Mourn Hub please’

Some viewers of Friday night’s episode of Gogglebox were left angry and annoyed with the programmes’ coverage of the Queen’s death.

Since its inception, the show has become famous for capturing how people react to some of the biggest current affairs and news stories of recent years, whether this be bombshell interviews, lockdown announcements, or presidential elections.

With news so shocking and significant that it can often be difficult to all take in, Gogglebox can really strike a chord with its audience, who see people just like them react to the news.

However, last week’s episode (aired on September 9) made no mention the Queen’s death the day before.

Channel 4 explained the first episode aired “as planned” to bring a “valuable sense of continuity for many of our viewers.”

That meant that this week’s episode showed viewers how the nation’s famous armchair critics reacted to the news.

Many became emotional at Her Majesty’s passing.

Speaking to best friend Lee, Jenny said: “When she first took over, she said be it a long reign or a short reign, she would work till the end. And that’s what she did.”

Unsurprisingly, Mary was also left devastated by the news, and declared the UK no longer has a female “role model”.

When Prince Philip died last year, Mary had announced her own mourning period, so it can be of little shock that the Queen’s passing affected her a lot.

But the grief and sadness all got too much for some viewers, who took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.

One person wrote: “Praying that the entire show isn’t just this. I want to escape Mourn Hub please.”

Another said: “#Gogglebox for f*cks sake can we not have an hour without mentioning the f*cking Queen!!!”

And a third added: “Would have liked some differing opinions, not outright hate but some people who understand that queeny was nothing special, didn’t even know you existed and quite frankly isn’t really worth me having a cancer appointment cancelled for her funeral but OK you lot cry.”

Others did praise the show though for how it handled the Queen’s death.

It seems that quite a few would have appreciated a bit more ‘First Dates’ and ‘Naked Attraction’ content though…

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