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17th Sep 2022

Police expertly tackle rollerblader as he narrowly misses King’s motorcade

Jack Peat

At least five officers were quick to jump in to detain the man 

A policeman expertly tackled a rollerblader after he turned a corner head-on into King Charles’ motorcade.

The patrolling officer grabbed the man as he soared at speed near London’s Parliament Square, seemingly evading security until he was within feet of the new monarch’s vehicle.

At least five officers jumped in to detain the man, as the King drove by at around 7.40pm.

The man, who was wearing at least one headphone, was floored and held on the ground by officers.

Footage shows police shouting at the man and whistling as he heads down the road.

He appears to slow down as he sees the motorcade, before being unceremoniously grabbed by police.

Meanwhile, the officer riding a motorbike at the front of the King’s motorcade was forced to slow down as the incident unfolded in front of him. 

The incident happened just hours after a man was arrested after charging at the Queen’s coffin during the vigil in London.

The disturbing incident happened on Friday night as thousands queued for hours to walk past Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin as it lies in state in Westminster Hall.

Footage shared online appears to show the moment the incident happened.

A man can be seen being quickly tackled to the ground by police after charging at Queen Elizabeth II’s coffin.

He is then carried away, and was arrested under the Public Order Act.

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