Tonight's Gogglebox covers Meghan and Harry interview and Piers Morgan storming off GMB 1 year ago

Tonight's Gogglebox covers Meghan and Harry interview and Piers Morgan storming off GMB

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We all love Gogglebox. We all have an opinion on Meghan and Harry. And Piers. And you can bet that the nation's favourite sofa critics will as well.


This should prove to be one of the great episodes, as few things have sparked more debate and controversy than Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah Winfrey and its subsequent fallout. Whilst the pandemic and lockdowns were huge news moments, very little can match the explosiveness that we have seen over the past five days.

Scott Bryan, the Guardian TV critic, confirmed in a tweet that the interview and Piers's strop would be dealt with on Gogglebox, which will be aired at the usual slot of 9pm Friday.


If you've been living in a steel box under a rock, with ear muffs on, and somehow the last week happened to pass you by, then this is the perfect opportunity to catch up. Or if it has all proved too much for your brain and you need a recap to remind yourself of the insanity of the world, then this will also be ideal.

Of course it will all be served with a huge side of the truly unique medicine that is the British sense of humour.

Gogglebox has proven before though that when it comes to huge news weeks it comes into its own.


With news so shocking and significant that it can often be difficult to all take in, Gogglebox can really strike a chord with its audience, who see people just like them react to the news.

With emotion and reaction that news channels and broadcasters don't provide, it reminds us all that it is fine to struggle with the news sometimes. But also that there is a lot of positivity still in the world.

Some of the best episodes have come in the past year, as the Goggleboxers react to lockdown announcements and presidential elections, in ways that only the British public can. Reminding us that in a lot of ways, we are still all in this together.

This episode should truly be another must-watch.