Awkward scenes as GB News cut interview short after taxi driver says he supports rail strike 3 days ago

Awkward scenes as GB News cut interview short after taxi driver says he supports rail strike

'I totally, totally, 100 percent back 'em!'

A taxi driver driver didn't give GB News quite the soundbite they were after when he was asked about this week's rail strikes, with the interview being cut abruptly short as a result.


Around 40,000 members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union at Network Rail and 13 train operators have gone on strike today after last-ditch talks on Monday failed to resolve the bitter dispute over pay, jobs and conditions.

Only around 20 percent of rail services will run today, with workers set to walk out on Thursday and Saturday as well.

The strikes will cause a huge level of disruption for millions across the country, and GB News decided to speak to a taxi driver in Norwich about the industrial action.


The driver was asked by the interviewer about the "squeeze" the strikes would be putting on his trade, and seemed to be expecting an angry reaction.

But the man responded: "First and foremost, I want to say that the men and women of the trade unions, I totally, totally, 100 percent back them."

In an answer that GB News surely weren't expecting or hoping for, the taxi driver said the rail workers have the "right to stand up to their working rights", adding that it was "unfortunate we don't have more unions that are strong enough to stand up for that."

He explained he was an ex-coal miner and "believed in the unions," finishing by saying that if the taxi trade has to take the burden then "we're prepared to do that."


Clearly, this is not the answer the right-wing GB News would have been hoping to provide its viewers with, and this was made abundantly clear when the interviewer decided to ask no further questions, ending the interview there and then.

It's not the only time today that news channel viewers have suspected presenters of trying to catch out people with questions about the strikes.


People have also been praising RMT boss Mick Lynch for his responses to Kay Burley's questions on Sky News on Tuesday morning.

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