Gary Neville points out the obvious about Digby, Lord Jones 5 months ago

Gary Neville points out the obvious about Digby, Lord Jones

Gary Neville spittin' facts. In other news, water is still wet

Lord Digby Jones has found his title actually being mentioned for once, as he managed to get himself in the headlines for his pompous and insulting comments made towards Alex Scott.


Alex Scott, who is the presenter for Football Focus and the ongoing Olympic Games, was pulled up by the 65-year-old on account of her apparently unacceptable pronunciation of words ending in 'ing'. Oh, give over, will ya?

Aside from the reams of messages online from people telling him to, in a word, 'shut the f*ck up', Digby also drew some quite delicious criticism from Stephen Fry, who ironically pulled him up on his grammar. You love to see it.

Now though, former player and pundit, Gary Neville has joined in, posting a very poignant tweet about the calibre of people who set examples in this government and, more importantly, this country.


We couldn't have said it any better without actually having to say it ourselves. G Nev on point as per.

In case you needed reminding of the chasm between what people in this current administration think is important compared to regular folk, this should slap you awake. For starters, if their name happens to include 'Lord', chances are they have entirely different priorities.

People have different accents. We all talk differently. End of. There are millions of people around the country who couldn't give less of a toss whether Alex Scott pronounces her Gs or not - they watch and applaud her for being a fantastic football pundit and as someone with genuine insight as a former sportsperson.

Neville himself said it best: his early punditry suffered from trying to sound like something he was not, changing the way he spoke and using words not familiar to his regular vocabulary. This made him come off as anything but the straight-talking commentator that people love today. People love his Northern brand of honesty so much, in fact, that they want him to enter politics.


As far as we're concerned, Alex Scott can keep talking however she likes. So long as she is still doing her job to the highest standard (which she is), who is some random lord to tell her otherwise?

You can take your Queen's English, Lord Fauntleroy, RP preaching monologue and shove it. Give us Alex Scott and Gary Neville any day of the week.