Stephen Fry hits back at Lord Digby Jones 1 month ago

Stephen Fry hits back at Lord Digby Jones

Digby gets schooled on his precious grammar

Lord Digby Jones (don't worry, I haven't heard of him either) took aim at the BBC's Alex Scott this morning over her pronunciation. Scott was quick to hit back at the Brexiteer, and the country was pretty unified in their support of her. Now another prominent British face has chimed in, and no it's not Piers Morgan, but instead Stephen Fry.


Digby, who can't find the space button on Twitter apparently, was very quick to jump on Scott's pronunciation, tweeting:

"Enough! I can’t stand it anymore! Alex Scott spoils a good presentational job on the BBC Olympics Team with her very noticeable inability to pronounce her ‘g’s at the end of a word. Competitors are NOT taking part, Alex, in the fencin, rowin, boxin, kayakin, weightliftin & swimmin."

"English Language…..Help!"

Scott then replied to the pinnacle of grammatical excellence:

“I’m from a working-class family in East London, Poplar, Tower Hamlets & I am PROUD

“Proud of the young girl who overcame obstacles, and proud of my accent! It’s me, it’s my journey, my grit.


“A quick one to any young kids who may not have a certain kind of privilege in life. Never allow judgments on your class, accent, or appearance hold you back. Use your history to write your story. Keep striving, keep shining & don’t change for anyone.”

“Tweets like this just give me the energy to keep going

“See you tomorrow.. live on BBC baby," she concluded. Absolutely quality.

British icon Stephen Fry has now commented on the situation:


"You are everything linguists and true lovers of language despise. Also, since we’re being picky, you are not “Lord Digby Jones”, you are Digby, Lord Jones. There’s a world of difference. But however you’re titled, you disgrace the upper house with your misplaced snobbery."
We can only echo our lovely Steve. Protect him and the likes of Alex Scott at all costs.