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02nd Nov 2023

Gamers find dents in their heads from prolonged headset use


Gamers left with dent in head because of headphones

Might need to invest in a hat…

Gamers and streamers have noticed ‘dents’ in their heads due to wearing headphones for a long period of time.

The indentations were particularly prominent and visible when they shaved away their hair.

In one clip, streamer Curtoss was shaving his head for charity when he was taken aback by the mark in his head left by his headphones.

In the clip, he says: “Dude the shaver’s working like a champ.

“I’m looking at an indent here; this is where my headphones go. I have a f**king headphone indent in my head. What the f**k.

“I thought that was just my hair; I thought just my hair did that.”

Several took to the comments to share their amusement at the clip, with one person writing: “How f***ing tight do you have your headphones on lmao?”

Another said: “Tell me why I’ve just rubbed my head to make sure I don’t have one.”

And a number of others said they would now be investing in some earbuds.

Other gamers have had similar experiences such as Miskif and Tyler1.

Headphone dents appear to be a relatively common occurrence for streamers, such as Mizkif here… (Streamable)
…and Tyler1 here (Reddit)

But, whilst there is clearly a bit of mark in his head, it is certainly not an indentation in his actual skull.

It takes a weight of at least 135kg to cause a minor fracture to the skull, so even in the heftiest headphones aren’t going to trouble your cranium.

What you should worry about a bit more is the impact headphones can have on your hearing.

Studies have concluded that you should only wear headphones for 90 minutes maximum daily at 80 per cent of the volume to avoid causing damage to your hearing.

Research carried out by National Acoustic Laboratories in 2017 found that one in 10 Australians frequently turn up the volume on their headphones to 85 decibels or more, which is the equivalent of standing next to running lawn mower.

“When hearing damage starts, then you’re really on an irreversible journey. If you don’t protect your hearing, you’re going to damage it for life,” Professor McAlpine said, ABC News reports..

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