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31st Mar 2022

First official Loch Ness Monster sighting of 2022 recorded after three month drought

Charlie Herbert

First official loch ness monster sighting of 2022

It’s been too long Nessie

A Loch Ness Monster spotter has recorded the first official sighting of 2022, after noticing two objects that seemed to be “moving parallel to each other.”

Eoin Fagan captured the footage on March 23 at 3:26pm and shared it on YouTube.

He explained that it appears to be two objects “moving parallel to each other across the middle of the screen”.

You can see the clip below and make up your own mind about whether it’s footage of Nessie or not.

When one person commented that the clip could just be of a log, some debris or a seal, Eoin replied: “The more northerly object takes a sharp turn to the left leaving an unusual wake, you would have to rule out a log or debris, and it is not consistent of a seal to react in such a manner.”

So there.

The Official Loch Ness Monster Sightings Register has deemed Eoin’s footage to be 2022’s first official sighting of the mythical beast, the Daily Record reports.

This ends a three month drought since the monster was last ‘spotted.’

Eoin is a “veteran webcam watcher” according to the register, having recorded a number of previous sightings of the monster, with his first being in 1987.

There is a live webcam stream which broadcasts from the loch for people to watch on the chance that they might spot the monster. In 2021, there were 10 recorded webcam sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

There were a further six sightings from people visiting the loch last year.

According to the register, these took the total number of sightings at Loch Ness to 1,136.

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