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24th Oct 2022

Father of young dad knifed through the heart by OnlyFans model wants her to ‘rot in hell’

Steve Hopkins

Abigail White was jailed for 18 years for murdering Bradley Lewis after a row at the pub

The father of a young dad killed by his OnlyFans girlfriend has said he wants her to “rot in hell” after she was jailed for his murder and vowed she will never see her children again.

Abigail White, who referred to herself as ‘fake Barbie’ and earned up to £50k on the subscription platform, plunged a seven-inch blade through Bradley Lewis’ heart at their Bristol home in March.

The 24-year-old had claimed she only wanted to “scare” the dad-of-four, but on Friday was jailed for 18 years for his murder.

The couple, who have three children together, were earlier captured on CCTV rowing at a Gloucestershire pub and a trial heard that Lewis’ had told a friend “I’m dead when I get home” just minutes before she attacked him.

White had admitted manslaughter but denied intentionally killing Bradley. A jury rejected her defence of diminished responsibility.

Bradley’s dad Steve Lewis told The Sun that his family still feel like justice has not been done.

The 63-year-old said: “We’ve got a life sentence, I’m nearly 64 years of age so my life sentence might be less – anything could happen to us at any time – than the sentence she’s got.”

“There wasn’t one person who thought she should get the verdict of manslaughter,” he explained, adding: “People just wanted her, in a sense, to rot in hell.”

Lewis continued: “We were pleased with the verdict [of murder] but we would have liked a few more years on top.

“It doesn’t feel right really, we’re glad she’s locked up but we don’t feel we’ve got justice because we’re the ones with the full life sentence.”

Lewis said the sentencing had bought “everything back to day one” and had just “been horrendous”.

He also revealed concerns that his son’s killer may strike again when she’s released, saying a “leopard doesn’t ever change its spots”.

Lewis said White will never see her children again.

“Abigail White has to be in control of everything – and if she’s not in control, she can be nasty to people.

“You have to live your life according to her, but we never did. We wouldn’t bow down to her wishes. Unfortunately, my son did because he loved every bone in her body and his children worshiped him.

“We’ve all wished that we did a bit more to get the relationship ended, but we all know full well that harm could have come to Brad whether they were apart or together – and that’s the sad thing about it all.”

“As I always say, my favourite saying has always been: That’s my boy. “I’m proud of him, I love him so much and we loved each other so much and he was loved by so many people – family and friends.”

During a trial at Bristol Crown Court, jurors were told how Bradley told White that he didn’t want to be with her anymore.

When quizzed by police, White had tried to claim Bradley stabbed himself.

But she later admitted delivering the fatal blow – telling jurors she wanted to scare him.

The court heard the couple often rowed over being unfaithful to each other and were previously ordered to remain apart by social services.

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