Explosion outside Kabul airport confirmed with casualties uncertain 10 months ago

Explosion outside Kabul airport confirmed with casualties uncertain

Explosion at Kabul airport confirmed by Pentagon

One of the entry gates to Kabul airport has been hit with a large explosion mere hours after western intelligence agencies warned of impending terrorist attacks.


UPDATE: Kabul airport explosion: Taliban say 13 killed in Afghanistan evacuation site blast

The explosion was said to have occurred near the Baron hotel, where British troops and journalists have been staying.

Reports from the scene suggest that the explosion was caused by a suicide bomber blowing himself up in a canalway, but that has not been confirmed.


The Russian Foreign Ministry has stated that the attack was a suicide bombing and that at least two people were killed and 15 wounded.

The US Embassy has issued an alert telling US Citizens to "avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates".



The Guardian's Dan Sabbagh tweeted:

An unnamed official has also told Reuters that US service members are among those injured in the blast"


Contacts from Sky News’s Stuart Ramsey have said the attack took place in the canal running alongside the main road approaching the airport.

The explosion was confirmed by Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on Twitter:


"We can confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can," he tweeted.

The explosion reportedly hit the Abbey Gate at Kabul airport and was followed by the sound of gunfire. Numerous western countries announced the end of evacuation flights due to the imminent attacks.

"British defence sources believe there are no military casualties following the explosion near the Baron hotel - impact on civilians not yet clear," tweeted Dan Sabbagh, the Guardian's defence and security editor.

"I was on the phone to an Afghan outside the airport when he heard the explosion. Praying that he gets away safely and we get his family safe passage out of this nightmare," tweeted the Tory MP for Wealden, Nus Ghani.

US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the explosion at Kabul airport, Reuters is reporting.

Though exact numbers are yet to be revealed, numerous sources suggest that the explosion has caused multiple deaths.

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