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19th Jul 2022

‘Deadpool was not in the area’: Bedforshire Police respond after CCTV photo prompts viral response

Jack Peat

The police force has confirmed that “neither Deadpool nor Iron Man were in Luton at the time of the incident”

Bedfordshire Police has put out a cheeky response after a CCTV appeal attracted a barrage of humorous responses.

An appeal was put out on Monday for information about an assault in Luton, but the low-resolution image made it impossibly difficult to identify the suspect.

Wearing what looks like a black motorcycle riding suit with red padding, the pixelated image gives away very little to help local residents identify the alleged perpetrator.

One picture only shows the back of their head, while the other is so blurred that no distinguishable features can be made out.

The low-res picture prompted a viral response on social media, with people suggesting it could be superheroes Deadpool or Iron Man.

A selection of the responses below gives you a feel for the tone of the replies:


Beds Police has been quick to clap back, tweeting: “We would like to thank you all for your support in identifying the man in the CCTV images we shared.

“We have followed a number of leads and can confirm that neither Deadpool nor Iron Man were in the Luton area at the time of the incident.

“However, through our lines of enquiries concerning Iron Man’s whereabouts, J.A.R.V.I.S was able to support us in finding slightly more viable CCTV images of a second man that may be able to support our investigation.

“While we do appreciate a good sense of humour, we must stress that someone was seriously harmed in an incident that these men may have information about.

“While we endeavour to share high resolution images, these are not always available to us at the time of posting.”

The pictures have been released as police want to trace the two men pictured, who may have vital information about the assault, which happened on July 3 on Icknield Way. Any info, call police on 101 or visit report it online quoting 40/38241/22

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