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19th Jul 2021

Clip of Australian deputy PM telling Katie Hopkins to leave country is magnificent

Kieran Galpin

Katie Hopkins

“Pack your bongo,” Katie…

Katie Hopkins hit the headlines today but not for the reasons you would imagine. She didn’t say anything atrocious about immigrants or plus size people but was instead deported from Australia. The Deputy PM of Australia had a few choice words for the far-right commentator, and the internet is eating it up.

New South Wales police in a statement said Hopkins had been fined $1,000 for allegedly failing to wear a mask while also boasting about in-depth plans to avoid following restrictions. The police said they assisted in deporting the commentator on a Monday afternoon flight.

Labor MP Josh Burns also spoke on the issue, stating she should have never been allowed in the country:

“This should never have happened, and now her behaviour is putting people at risk.

He said Hopkins had called Islam disgusting, migrants ‘cockroaches’ and called for a ‘final solution.”

“How does she get a visa, let alone a spot in quarantine over Australians?”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was not too pleased with the way Hopkins conducted herself in Australia.

“I’ve got no problem sending home someone who wants to fail our laws,” Joyce says, both sighing and laughing before commenting on the matter.

“If you wanna fail our laws, then you pack your bongo and get out of the country.”

There has never been a more Australian moment, and Twitter just can’t get enough:

“Nothing brightens up a Monday morning than hearing Katie Hopkins has been deported from Australia- and her participation in an antipodean edition of Big Brother cancelled- after she openly mocked local quarantine laws on Instagram,” wrote one Twitter user in reply.

Heheheh! Cya Kate, even this lad doesn’t like you. Why no get a job with [Nigel Farage] at GB News and do a morning show together to complete with GMB! You could call it full gammon breakfast!”

But the question on everyones mind, did Katie manage to pack her bongos before being deported?