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31st Oct 2023

Britain’s ‘most haunted’ house costs £75 a night to stay in if you dare


Britain's 'most haunted' house costs £75 a night to stay in if you dare

One couple who visited said they ‘would definitely not stay there’

Horror fans have been heading to ‘Britain’s most haunted house’ to stay the night in the spooky property.

For £75 a night, people can stay at 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorkshire – which is also thought to be home to Europe’s most violent poltergeist.

The strange happenings in the three-bedroom house started in 1966 when Jean and Joe Pritchard moved in with their two children Phillip, then 15, and Diane, then 12.

The family then experienced years of weird goings-on, such as lights being turned on and off, green foam appearing from tops and photographs being slashed.

The property in Derbyshire is said to be ‘Britain’s most haunted house’ (SWNS)

Family members were even said to be slapped and shoved down the stairs, whilst plants were spotted jumping out of their pots and landing on the stairs.

Then, after the Pritchard family moved out, it was uncovered that a Tudor monk was buried under the house, leading many to conclude that this was the source of the haunting.

The house even featured as the setting for 2012 horror film ‘When the Lights Went Out’ which was based on the events the Pritchards experienced.

After the film was produced, film maker Bil Bungay purchased the property for £155,000 and hundreds of people have stayed there overnight.

Recent visitors to the house claim that a figure of man made from duvet was seen placed on a bed and dolls in the front room apparently changed position.

Jean Pritchard who lived in the house in the 1970s (SWNS)

Josh Boffin visited the house in August with his partner and says he saw ‘lots of activity’ in Phillip’s room, including a ‘moving shadow.’

He said: “We had lots of activity in Phillip’s room.

“My partner stood a couple of metres into the room and stood with her arms crossed. I took three photos within seconds of one another and she didn’t move.

“We were really surprised looking back to see the shadow. As I said, my partner didn’t move but the shadow seems to move and looks as if it’s resting an arm on its hip.

“The whole time, and for all three photographs, my partner’s arms were crossed.

“The only light in the room was an orange glow from a small temperature device on the side to the left of me, out of shot. This didn’t move either.”

Jason Churchill, 38, and Susan Preece, 48, decided to visit the property after watching ‘When the Lights Go Out.’

The couple travelled almost 100 miles from their home in Cannock, West Midlands, to look at the property but said they wouldn’t stay inside the haunted house.

Jason and his partner Susan travelled to visit the property (SWNS)

Jason said: “We watched the film, which is based around the Black Monk, so we wanted to come and see the house.

“It’s really weird here – like we can now see the staircase where the ghost has been spotted before.

“There’s nothing else in Pontefract that we want to go and see – just the house.

“I would definitely not stay there though, I’ve seen the film and heard about the things that have happened here.”

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