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26th Oct 2023

Britain’s most tattooed mum banned from Halloween parties for being too scary

Joseph Loftus

She’s been told she’s already scary enough

A self-professed tattoo addict who is believed to be Britain’s most inked up mum says that she’s been banished from Halloween parties because she’s “scary enough”.

Melissa Sloan, 46, says that she often feels like a social outcast due to her 800 tattoos which she’s racked up over 20 years.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Melissa said: “They don’t know the inside of me, bless them.

“I just take no notice of them as there’s nothing I can do, nothing I can do. I just carry on with the tattoos, more tattoos.”

She added: “I’ve never been invited to a Halloween party, I’d love to be invited but that’s not happened. I’d scare them all when I walk through the door.”

That being said, Melissa said she’s still got a lot of good costume ideas. She said: “I would dress up as Freddy Kruger because you can’t see me underneath.

“I’ll have a red and grey jumper with a mask. Can’t see me then can you!”

Talking of the prejudice she’s faced, Melissa added: “People don’t like me with my tattoos, my face, because they just look at you like you’re worthless, you’re nothing. They don’t want people like us with tattoos on their face. They don’t understand us, do they?”

Echoing the Black Alien Project, Melissa said: “We’re just exactly the same as anyone else. We breathe the same, we live the same – but they just don’t want to know.”

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