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27th Dec 2021

Blind mystic who foresaw 9/11 has six predictions for 2022

Charlie Herbert

Blind mystic makes terrifying predictions for 2022

She is said to have predicted Chernobyl and the death of Princess Diana

A blind clairvoyant who has allegedly predicted a number of global events such as 9/11 and Brexit has made six prophecies for 2022 – and they’re not good ones.

Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga, who lost her sight at the age of 12, has predicted natural disasters, a water crisis and an alien invasion by the end of next year.

She claims that after losing her sight she became aware of a rare gift from God that enabled her to see into the future, and she has now adopted the nickname of the Nostradamus of the Balkans.

Her visions are said to be 85% correct and include the Chernobyl tragedy, the death of Princess Diana and the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the Mirror reports.

Vanga died in 1996, but left behind predictions that run all the way through to 5079. So what does she reckon is in store for 2022?

The most believable of her predictions is that a virtual reality takeover will happen in the coming year.

But she also predicted there will be another pandemic, this time originating in Siberia and caused by a frozen virus that is released by climate change.

Along with this cheery stuff, the mystic reckoned that many cities will be hit by water shortages, aliens will invade the planet by sending an asteroid to seek out life on Earth, India will be hit by famine as temperatures reach 50 degrees and Australia and Asia will be hit by floods.

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Beyond next year, Vanga’s visions predict the Earth’s orbit changing in 2023, astronauts travelling to Venus in 2028, Muslims ruling Europe in 2043 and the end of the universe in 5079.

She also predicted that in 2046, people would live for more than 100 years due to organ transplant technology.

From 2100, she believed that the night would disappear and artificial sunlight would illuminate another part of Earth.

But her most famous prediction came in 1989, when she foresaw that America would be hit by two “steel birds” in 2001. Many believe this was her predicting 9/11.

So buckle up everyone. If Baba Vanga is to be believed, we could be in for an eventful year.