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27th Feb 2022

Anonymous release chilling message to ‘foolish’ Putin – ‘your secrets may no longer be safe’

Kieran Galpin

The group first banded together in 2003

Hacker group Anonymous has released a cryptic, and yet, a rather chilling video that warns a “foolish” Putin that his “secrets may no longer be safe.”

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine earlier this week, Anonymous declared war against Putin. But this war is not fought with guns on the frontlines. Instead, Anonymous launched a series of cyberattacks on the Russian state, single-handedly taking down their internet while warning the Ukrainian people of any attempted cyberattacks from Russia.

On February 27, Anonymous released a 2-minute cryptic video that threatened a “foolish” Putin.

They began by recapping the events of the previous war days, illustrating the untold devastation of Ukraine alongside images and video. While the group notes the “fair criticism” of Nato’s occupation of the Middle East, they added that he is no better than the “imperialist governments” he criticises.

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“The whole world can see through your propaganda,” they added.

Anonymous is believed to have been created in 2003 and are arguably most known for their Guy Fawkes-inspired masks. The ‘hacktivist’ group has since become known worldwide, having organised protests, taken down governmental websites, and leaked private information into the public domain.

They continued: This is not a war you can win regardless of how powerful you think you are.

“We are anonymous, we are legion, expect us.”

The post has since received 10.6k retweets, 40.7k likes and thousands of comments. One person wrote: “We are living in a fucking movie.”

“Love this, get that sick and evil bastard!” another said.

Others questioned where Anonymous had been the past two years. One person wrote, “Where were they last two years?
“Have they reveal any lies about the precious Vax? And the pandemic? Genuine question. Maybe I just didn’t notice?”

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