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05th Dec 2016

Amazon has just launched its first walk-in store – and it’s an absolute game changer

The future is here... (Well, in Seattle)


In a development that will have supermarket checkout staff up and down the land fearing for the future of their jobs, Amazon have offered the world a glimpse of its new queue-less, checkout-less shop.

In a nutshell, Amazon Go allows shoppers to walk into a shop, pick up the items they need and walk straight out again. No waiting in line at the checkout required.

As the video below explains, an Amazon Go app is required to enter one the store, and that’s just about as complicated as it gets. After that, any items picked up by one of its users is automatically added to their virtual card, with the technology automatically updating things if any items are put back on the shelves later on.

When you’re done, you just walk out. The app simply charges the cost of your items to your Amazon card with a receipt sent directly to the app. An absolute game changer.

The first store opens in early 2017 in Amazon’s home city of Seattle meaning (for now at least) us Brits will have to go a bit out of our way if we want to see what all the fuss is about. If successful, you can guarantee the UK will have its first Amazon Go store in the very near future.

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