A dozen or so of the best tweets and reactions to the Sue Gray report 5 months ago

A dozen or so of the best tweets and reactions to the Sue Gray report

You're a funny lot

It's the moment you've all been waiting for: Sue Gray's report into the Downing Street parties has been published and it's pretty underwhelming, to say the least.


That being said, the general consensus is that these particular findings have been fairly edited - or at least limited - by Boris Johnson himself casting a keen eye over them.

So, to save you time, the kind folks over at PoilticsJOE have summed up things for you:


Since there isn't really that much we can actually find in the 12 pages published, why don't we cut to the chase and give you some of the best memes we found among the current flood of content taking over social media?

We know Twitter can be a nasty place but sometimes people come together for a singular cause: lols.


However nothing has been redacted.


Everyone after reading that version of Sue Gray's report.

Bless her, not her fault but it still made us chuckle.


More accurate.

Ideas like this is why Kieran is one of our best.

We've all been there.

Still disappointed.

Must have been a real toss-up.

Even Binface is getting involved. Scenes.

There's always one.

The kind of big ooof you'd expect from one of the minds behind all of Succession's best dubs.

Kirsty makes a good point, to be fair:

Best read in Jane Lynch's voice, of course:

This has pretty much been the PM's line ever since the 'Partygate' investigation began:

Last but not least (we love it when content worlds collide):

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