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23rd Jul 2021

30,000 sign petition calling for fines for people who walk dogs in heatwaves

Danny Jones

The poor pups are boiling and some want people to be penalised for putting them at risk

In case you didn’t notice, “it’s well ‘ot”—”might be too hot” (definitely is)—and if you think you’re struggling to beat the heat, just imagine how the poor doggies are.

One woman named Paige Spearman, 25, has even gone so far as to make a petition that hopes to make it illegal to walk a dog in temperatures of 20°C and above.

While any good dog owner should be familiar with the advice that it isn’t safe to walk a dog when it is too hot, a scary amount of people still don’t seem to know or, at least, be taking note. Tesco staff are even being advised to patrol car parks to check if people have left dogs in there dogs baking in the car.

The official government petition has been backed by more than 30,000 people already, as well as calling for fines to be dished out to anyone who does so.

If enforced, this legislation would mean dogs can’t be walked in the daytime for large parts of the British summer, as (believe it or not), we do get temperatures over 20 degrees more often than you think.

Paige wrote in the description of the petition: “Far too many family fur babies die every year from heatstroke due to negligence, and ignorance. I believe fines should be enforceable if anyone is seen walking a dog in 20° heat and over by the police”.

Speaking also to Hampshire Live, Spearman went on to say, “It just really infuriates me that people are just so uneducated. Actually taking your dog for a walk in this heat can quite quickly kill them. I just don’t understand people’s logic”.

She launched the petition on Sunday as the UK recorded hottest day of the year, reaching as high as 32°C in some parts of the country. The dog owner wanted to remind people that dogs can suffer “excruciating” pain from blisters and burns to their paws if they walk on hot tarmac, adding: “Ask yourself, ‘If you can’t do it, why would you make your dog do it?'”

Clare Hamilton, of Cherry Tree vets in Buckinghamshire, advised that “Anything over 25°C is very risky if people need a number as a benchmark. It also depends on humidity and breeze – or rather lack of”.

Meanwhile, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home recommended the following:

“…walking your dog early in the morning or late evening when the temperature is cooler. However, for those unable to keep their dogs indoors between these times, Battersea would advise short toilet walks where needed during the day.

Keep toilet breaks very short and calm. Where possible, walk your dogs in shaded, grassy areas and avoid pavements as these can get very hot for your dog’s paws”.