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16th Oct 2023

Woman left to pay bill after date ditches her for eating 48 oysters

Charlie Herbert

Woman left to pay bill after date ditches her for eating 48 oysters

The internet has dubbed her ‘Oyster Girl’

A woman was left outraged when her date left her to foot the bill after she necked back almost 50 oysters.

TikToker @equanaaa went for a lovely evening out at Fontaine’s Oyster House in Atlanta with a fella who she said had wanted to go on a date with her for a while.

When they sat down for their meal, Equana really adopted a ‘when in Rome’ attitude, polishing four dozen of the shellfish off – at $15 (£12.30) a pop.

She admitted that when the fourth portion arrived at the table, her male companion was “looking at me crazy”, but she “didn’t give a f**k.”

“I’m like, ‘Baby, you invited me out. I’m going to eat,'” she added.

Equana wasn’t satisfied with just the oysters though, following these up with crab cakes and potatoes, whilst enjoying lemon drop martinis.

It seems like it was all too much for her date though, and when the sizeable $184 (£150) bill landed on the table, he took a rather convenient trip to the bathroom – and didn’t return.

Unsurprisingly, Equana was left pretty angry at the move, and text the man: “Running out on a tab is crazyyy.”

Trying to justify himself, he pointed out that he had only invited her out for drinks and she had decided to order “all that food.”

He offered to pay for the drinks, but nothing else.

The TikTok has sparked plenty of debate on the platform, racking up 4.5 million views and thousands of comments.

Whilst some were debating the man’s actions, many couldn’t get past the amount of oysters the woman managed to eat.

“I’m sorry but 48 oysters as an appetiser got me screaming,” one person said.

Someone else commented: “The flash, the moaning, the ‘what I’m ‘bout to eat’ after 50 oysters. YO IM HOLLERING.”

A third said: “You eating 48 oysters, a whole meal and multiple drinks in that short window is INSANE.”

Equana has even become a bit of a meme and has been given the title of ‘Oyster Girl.’

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