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07th Oct 2023

Single gay man makes history with birth of his own baby via surrogacy

Joseph Loftus

“It’s a love like I’ve never experienced before.”

A single gay man has made history becoming the first single man in Victoria to become a dad via surrogacy.

After a three and a half year battle, Shaun Resnik finally gave birth to his baby boy Eli Michael on March 22 of last year.

Around 100 babies are born to surrogates across the state each year, with parents requiring federal government approval before taking on Victoria’s strict laws.

This process is even more difficult for singles. Mr Resnik has claimed that he hopes his story will open the door for other singles wishing to become parents.

He explained to Seven News: “It’s a love like I’ve never experienced before.”

Mr Resnik endured years of heartbreak and frustration while attempting to find a surrogate before he met Ms Pincombe who offered to carry his child.

Resnik said around the time: “This is huge! It’s time society got to see single gay men as dads.

“I have always wanted to be a dad, I just didn’t know how I was going to make it possible.”

Speaking about little Eli, Mr Resnik said: “He’s a good bubba. As long as there is a bottle in his mouth he’s calm, relaxed and chilled.

“But he has a scream that will pierce your soul! He’s keeping us up at night and if I wasn’t bald, I would have lost my hair already.”


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