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21st Oct 2023

The UK’s ‘oldest nightclub’ still sells every drink for 75p

Charlie Herbert

The UK's 'oldest nightclub' still sells every drink for 75p

No inflation here

Nowadays, it can feel a bit like no matter where you go, drinks are expensive. A £5 pint seems to be the norm even outside of London, and the days of doing an entire night out with just the £20 in your pocket seem long gone.

But not everywhere.

One glowing beacon in West Yorkshire has survived the dark days of the pandemic and resisted the rising prices of inflation.

This place is Acapulco in Halifax.

Having first opened in 1961, the Pennine club is widely considered to be the UK’s oldest nightclub.

And it’s not just its age that Acapulco for. The club has the eye-catching selling point of selling all their drinks for just 75p before 11pm.

Acapulco nightclub has been open more than 60 years and is still going strong (The Acapulco Club)

So, if you’re reading this in London, you could get a good five or six drinks at Acapulco for the price of one of the pints you’re going to have this weekend.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that, with its age and rock bottom prices, the nightclub isn’t the swankiest in the world, but who cares about that really?

Proper (Google Maps)

The nightclub’s official website reads: “Proudly recognised as the oldest nightclub in the UK, we’ve been setting the stage for unforgettable nights under the ‘Acapulco’ name since 1961.

“Often fondly referred to as ‘Acca,’ we’ve crafted a legendary atmosphere that has seen decades of smiles, dances, and memories.

“Our enchanting ambiance, coupled with our unbelievable offer of 75p drinks before 11pm every night we’re open, makes us an iconic destination for night owls and party enthusiasts.

“Step into Acapulco Nightclub, and be part of a legacy that brings the party to Calderdale!”

If you want to make a pilgrimage to this pillar of British clubbing, it’s open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, with free entry before 10:30pm.

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