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19th Oct 2023

Major UK pub chain offering free pints if you have a Tesco Clubcard

Charlie Herbert

Brewdog tesco clubcard

Your Clubcard points can now get you money off pints

BrewDog has launched a partnership with Tesco which means customers can get money off food and drink – and even free pints – with their Clubcard.

Clubcard points that you earn from shopping at Tesco can get you money off all sorts of things, but this may be the best one yet.

The scheme is in place at almost ever BrewDog branch in the UK and means that customer can get £1 off for every 50 Clubcard points they have.

So, if you have 300 points you can treat yourself to a £6 pint for free.

James Watt, founder of the Scots brewery, said: “With an existing customer base of over 21 million active Clubcard members, we’re delighted to be the only restaurant partner to offer pints in return for points.

“Everyone is feeling the cost-of-living squeeze, so if we can help people with the cost of our beer where possible, you can bet your pint on it that we will.”

But before you go charging into BrewDog proudly brandishing your Clubcard and ready to treat your mates to a free round, there are some terms and conditions you need to be aware of.

Your Clubcard points can only be used on alcoholic drinks if you’re also buying food, with a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per person.

For example, if you ordered a meal and wanted three pints with that, you’d only be able to use your Clubcard points on the two drinks and the meal and would need to pay the rest using cash or card.

There is no limit on non-alcoholic drinks though, so you could go wild on the lemonades and Cokes.

One man who should be delighted with this latest use for Clubcard points is this fella, after he took the decision to have his tattooed on his arm.

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