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05th Oct 2023

‘I use shampoo to wash my clothes because it’s cheaper than pods – but there’s a catch’

Charlie Herbert

1.2k 'I use shampoo to wash my clothes because it's cheaper than pods - but there's a catch'

That’s one way to save the pennies

A man has revealed that he washes his clothes using shampoo and conditioner because it’s cheaper than spending money on pods and detergent.

But he admitted there’s a slightly unfortunate side effect.

TikToker Fattdann took to the platform to share the soapy ‘life hack.’

He said: “If you’ve never used shampoo to wash your clothes, you ain’t even council.”

“Welcome to Fat Dan’s Council tips. Now look, run out of washing powder and stuff like that.”

Dan explained that he uses the shampoo in the detergent draw and conditioner as the fabric softener.

He said: “Albert is the best. I use just the conditioner. It goes in there.”

“That’s where your fabric softener goes and then for your main wash some of that in there.”

“I put it in for an hour to wash. Let’s turn the spin out. Let’s get that 1600, 30 degrees, bosh.”

He revealed that was a side effect to using hair products to wash you clothes though.

“Now, some people might say this ain’t gonna work,” Dan said. “Your clothes smell lovely, but when it’s raining and you’re out and about, they do tend to froth out a little bit. So watch out for that.”

For Dan, the cost benefits are worth it though. His chosen shampoo for clothes washing is a bottle of Alberto Balsam, which usually costs about a quid, much less than detergent.

You may be thinking that the shampoo will do far fewer washes though, so doesn’t end up being cheaper, but Dan is pretty sure the maths adds up.

He explained: “We’ve been doing this for years. I don’t know what we can use proper soap.”

“Cost of living has gone through the f**king roof in it.”

“Get your Alberto Balsam a pound each. I think this, I feel safely say this does about 25 washes, that 10.”

“So two of these to one of these.”

In the comments, a number of people shared similar hacks, with many praising the powers of washing up liquid as well.

One person wrote: “Washing up liquid I bought a 5 litre bottle before lockdown used it for everything.”

Another admitted to using washing up liquid on their hair.

Someone else said they used shampoo to wash the dishes with sometimes, and one user said that a “little drop of Lenor is excellent hair conditioner,” but that they only did this on “very special occasions.”

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