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13th Oct 2023

Dad’s rant about being a man goes viral for challenging gender stereotypes

Charlie Herbert

Dad's rant about being a man goes viral for challenging gender stereotypes

‘I do what I’m supposed to do as a father and a husband’

A dad has gone viral after posting a rant which has been praised for challenging society’s gender stereotypes.

In a TikTok which has racked up some 6.2 million views and more than 1.2 million likes, J.R. Minton started off the video by saying: “I don’t help my wife cook, I don’t help my wife take care of the kids, clean, laundry — none of that.”

Whilst this opening is sure to have caught the attention of many, it’s what he said next that earned praise.

He continued: “Because I do what I am supposed to do as a father and a husband. I cook. I clean. I do the laundry. I take care of the kids.

“I can’t HELP my wife do those things because they are my job, too. Change the way you speak, change the way you think, and grow the f**k up and be a man.”

In the comments, many praised the dad for his words, and cited their own examples of how everyday language needs to change in regards to parenting.

One person wrote: “Had to tell my husband stop saying, ‘…for your mother,’ to the kids. Empty the dishwasher FOR ME? No. Those are everybody’s dishes.”

Another said: “Yep! My husband and i recognize it’s BOTH our kids and BOTH our house therefore BOTH our responsibility.”

A third said: “You are a REAL man, husband and father. You sir are the example to follow.”

A number of other people joked that they had been ready to say something very different after J.R’s opening sentence.

One user commented: “The way I had to breath through the first half of the video.”

A second penned: “I was getting heated there for a second.”

Speaking to Buzzfeed, J.R. explained that he decided to make the video after seeing how his wife of four years, Brittany, was often belittled for being a stay at home mum (SAHM).

He said: “I’ve seen her role in the family consistently be undervalued — by friends, family, generally everyone.

“She is constantly made to feel that she isn’t doing enough, while also made to feel that she should just be eternally grateful to me as the ‘provider.’ It’s completely backward.”

“Having a SAHM is a privilege for me and the kids, not Brittany. I made the video to switch the narrative. Brittany is my partner, not my employee. I have just as much responsibility to our house and children,” he added.

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