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22nd Jul 2022

Woman sends meme to would-be employer after rejection – gets interview

Danny Jones

Woman replies to job rejection with meme, gets an interview

We could have been leaders of the Free World if we were all selected on our taste in memes

A woman who was rejected from a job decided to throw caution to the wind when responding to express her disappointment and request feedback and somehow ended up yielding a more positive result.

While most of us would try and push through the tears long enough to write an overly professional and polite reply asking for the reasoning behind their rejection, this lady decided to send a meme – and it actually worked.

@swedishswan #greenscreen ♬ original sound SwedishSwan

As you can see, TikTok user @swedishswan explained how not long after receiving her rejection she decided to take a “lesson from Gen Z” and sent back an off-the-cuff meme with no other intention than to try and laugh off the entire thing before going to bed.

However, when she woke up she was surprised to learn that her selection of the carefully selected and ever humourous Pope Leo X meme with the phrase “y tho” written as the caption was enough to secure her an interview with the company. Unreal.

Woman gets job with y tho meme

The now infamous p*ss take of the portrait painted by Fernando Botero in 1964 has been around for a while but it never ceases to serve as a strong reply whenever your mate says no to the pub in the WhatsApp group. That being said, we never thought it would be so effective as to put someone back into the running for genuine paid employment.

The video now has over 2.8 million views and plenty of people are naturally stunned that the strategy worked, with one commenter writing: “As a recruiter, if someone sent that to me I would ABSOLUTELY want an interview”.

Take note, folks: qualifications and experience will get you so far but if in doubt, send them a meme.

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