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01st Jul 2022

Man accidentally paid 286 times his salary resigns and disappears

Danny Jones

Man paid 286 times his salary quits and disappears

The dream

A man in Chile was accidentally paid 286 times his salary, immediately handed in his resignation and has now gone with the wind. The greatest and most casual heist in history.

Back in May, the mystery man was the lucky recipient of nearly 300 times his usual monthly wage following a payroll error at industrial food consortium, Cial, as per Chilean financial outlet, Diario Financiero.

The company ended up paying him approximately 165,398,851 Chilean pesos, as opposed to his usual monthly pay packet of 500,000 pesos (just over £450). This means in one month he took home a cool £149,305.64 — give or take a few pennies.

It may not sound like enough to retire on or anything like that but currency and exchange rates are relative and it’s still a ridiculous amount more than most people will make in a year. Workers on minimum wage in the nation usually take home around £356 per month – so this guy really did hit the jackpot.

While the banking balls up was quickly noticed and the lucky sod promised he would go to the bank the next day to pay the inflated figure back immediately, what he actually did was resign and disappear completely.

You can’t even pretend to be mad at that.

According to reports, not only did the employee clearly not go to the bank as requested but he didn’t show up to work. His employers and other staff members were unable to contact him via phone call, text or WhatsApp messages and the last time anyone heard from him was when he tendered his resignation through his lawyer on June 2.

The company is now desperately trying to get its money back and have launched legal action against the ex-staff member but he is well and truly out of dodge and no arrests have been made.

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