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15th Nov 2023

Woman horrified after applying clip-in veneers for her wedding

Temu veneers

‘How bad can these pop on veneers from Temu be?’

A woman was left in horrified hysterics after trying on some cheap clip-in veneers for her wedding day.

Petrina Josephine had ordered the budget veneers from Temu, a Chinese online marketplace that has become the most downloaded app in the UK and US.

Petrina had hoped the clip-in teeth would brighten her smiler but, as you may expect from some cheap clip-in veneers, the results were hilariously bad.

Sharing a TikTok of her with the teeth in, the bride-to-be asked: “How bad can these pop on veneers from Temu be?”

First, the TikTok showed her with her mouth closed, before a picture of her smiling with the startling veneers in.

She wrote: “Never mind.”

Petrina captioned the post: “It’s giving horse girl.”

The video has racked up almost 20,000 views, with a number of people sharing their thoughts in the comments.

One person said: “Nooooo.”

To this, Petrina joked: “Wedding ready.” 

Another added: “That made me CRACK up. Thank you.”

A third commented: “HAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Someone else explained that a “wax mold” was meant to come with the veneers but that they “still don’t turn out good.”

Petrina responded to the comment: “I did end up realizing that and was hopeful for a minute but like you said it also was a disaster lmao.”

Thanks to its vast array of products and rock-bottom prices, Temu has become one of the most talked-about apps in the world.

The website has the tagline “shop like a billionaire” and has been labelled as “China’s answer to Amazon.”

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