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14th Nov 2023

Woman horrified after mum changes baby’s nappy where she’s eating her lunch

‘I don’t want to look at or smell this while eating’

Everybody poops, but babies gotta do it just then and there. They don’t know what’s going on. And naturally, this can lead to some tricky situations.

One such situation emerged recently, when a woman took to the Internet to confess she was left horrified when a new mum started changing her baby’s nappy right next to her.

The woman said that she was eating at a small local restaurant which serves sandwiches and salads and was sitting at a counter on a bar stool sort of thing.

Just moments after being served her food and tucking in, a mum who was sitting elsewhere came over to her counter and laid out a mat which she popped her baby on.

The woman told the mum that if she needed to change her baby she should use the toilet, however the mum responded that there was “no changing table” in the toilet and she didn’t want to change her baby on the floor.

The woman took to Reddit, writing: “And I said ‘I don’t want to look at or smell this while I am eating, you have a table in the front – change her there if you don’t want to use the restroom to do it’.

“She got really worked up then, saying anyone could see inside the front of the restaurant from the street, and how could I do that to a baby and so on.”

The woman then complained to the staff about the mum before the mum “stormed out”.

The woman concluded her post writing: “I went back and finished my lunch. So, am I the a**hole for not letting someone change a dirty diaper on the surface where I was eating my lunch in a restaurant?”

Many people jumped to the woman’s defence, with one writing: “The level of entitlement from her is off the charts. Her wet baby is your and the restaurant’s problem because she didn’t want to lay the mat on the floor? That’s insane. The mat is made to keep the baby from touching a surface. That’s exactly what it would do, then you wash the mat.

“And she didn’t do it at the table not because everyone could see into the restaurant but because it’s where she was eating. If she wanted privacy she would have gone to the bathroom. Ngl I’d love to see the Nextdoor post and how she tried to spin it though. Hopefully, she got a reality check.”

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