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09th Nov 2023

Woman who had sex with 300 people in a year has set herself a new challenge


A woman who has dubbed herself Australia’s ‘most sexually active woman’ has set herself a new challenge.

Annie Knight made headlines earlier this year after her employer reportedly fired her after discovering her OnlyFans account.

She said she ‘received an email saying termination of contract’ after only a few days into starting a new job.

Knight told SBS’ Insight that the email included screenshots from her account. It also shared three reasons for her dismissal, all regarding her OnlyFans account.

“By day five I hated the job so much that I wasn’t going to fight the ruling. But I was definitely very upset and very angry at the decision,” she said.

Knight also claims that she slept with 300 people in a single year and has been open about her sexual activity.

“Sex makes me feel good. It’s meant to make you feel good,” she told the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

However, she has now set out on a fresh challenge.

Knight told the Daily Star that she had plans to improve her dating life this year.

“I used to go on about three dates a year, so that’s why I want to do this now,” she said.

“I’ve never been much of a dater, so I wanted to give myself an incentive and am holding myself accountable by posting the reviews of the dates online.”

Things have not been off to a great start as she revealed she has already come up against some catfish.

“Some men have catfished me, as they looked a lot better in photos than they did in real life and lied about their height. Some of them were really rude to the waiters and that’s a huge turn-off for me, so I left straight away.

“I’m very picky, but there’s been five guys that I’ve gone on second dates with. And I did go on two third dates!”