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22nd Jun 2023

Man’s warning after Turkey teeth surgery leaves him looking ‘like a shark’

Callum Boyle

Turkey teeth

‘I feel like plucking my teeth out’

A British model who flew to Turkey to have surgery on his teeth says he feels “like plucking my teeth out” after it didn’t go to plan.

Jack James, 22, flew to Istanbul to get his teeth done so that he could look “better on camera” and paid £3,000 for the surgery.

After finding himself satisfied with the initial results, James first began to notice issues when his teeth started to bleed, puss and leak, leaving him with “terrible breath”.

After booking an emergency appointment, the model was told that his teeth were severely infected and that it would cost £20,000 to have them removed.

James then flew back to Istanbul this month (June, 2023) and spent £4,500 to have the veneers removed.

“When they took the veneers out I saw they had shaved my teeth down so much,” he explained.

“I looked like a shark. I came back to the UK and a crown has come off.

“It was like something out of a horror movie.”

Turkey teeth

He added: “They took all my teeth and the abscess out and put temporary teeth in.

“It took a few weeks for the infection to clear.”

Since having the treatment, the 22-year-old has warned others who may be considering going down the same route.

“I feel so upset with myself,” he said.

“I feel like plucking all my teeth out. I wish I’d got composite bonding but I can’t change the past.”

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