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31st Aug 2022

What’s it like to take a shower at 30,000ft on a double-decker Airbus?

Jack Peat

Emirates has the feature on its A380s – as well as a bar 

Flying has come a long way since the turn of the century.

The A380, first introduced in 2007 with Singapore Airlines, has opened up new possibilities about what aviation can offer.

When the concept was first mooted, designers said the planes would have enough room for bowling alleys and cinemas in the sky.

But as is usually the way, the space has been used by most airlines to cram as many seats in as possible, with most jets carrying up to 853 passengers over distances up to over 14,000 km.

Among its primary users, Emirates airline, based out of Dubai, has the most A380s in use.

On 16th December 2021, Emirates received its 123rd A380, with the aircraft frequently used to fly routes in and out of the UK.

The first-class service on board the flights has become the stuff of dreams, with passengers treated to exceptional seating arrangements, in-flight entertainment and dining.

One of the most spellbinding aspects of the flight is the use of the shower room, which is available to those in the first class cabin for use for up to half an hour.

There are two shower suites on each Airbus A380 and they’re located at the very front of the upper deck.

These aren’t just dinky showers, but actually shower suites that are probably larger than the average bathroom in a London apartment.

The shower spa has a toilet, sink with vanity mirror, and enclosed shower.

There’s a tray in the back of the shower spa with all kinds of toiletries, ranging from dental kits, to shaving kits, to cotton swabs. There are also toiletries from VOYA, with the choice of tranquil or revitalizing scents.

There’s also a TV screen in the shower spa with the map feature, so you can keep track of the progress of your flight.


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