Ukrainian farmer steals Russian tank using his tractor 'to sell it for scrap' 4 months ago

Ukrainian farmer steals Russian tank using his tractor 'to sell it for scrap'

Another video appears to show a man picking up a landmine with his bare hands

Among the ongoing chaos of the invasion of Ukraine, videos exposing a lack of organisation on the side of the Russian forces are circulating online, including one which appears to show a Russian tank getting nicked by a local farmer.


As illustrated in the now-viral video below, a tractor can be seen towing a Russian armoured vehicle away as a man tries to chase it down a dirt road:

While the location of where this footage was taken has not yet been confirmed and it is unclear whether the individual chasing it down is the one who was operating it, the origin of the vehicle is clear as it shares the same 'Z' marking that has been spotted on so many of Russia's military vehicles.

The video has been shared ad-nauseam and many are commenting on how it highlights that, while Vladimir Putin's forces obviously pose a massive threat to Ukraine and Russia, their "special military operation" is not going flawlessly.


Reacting to the video, Tory MP and former British army officer Johnny Mercer remarked, "No expert, but the invasion doesn't seem to be going particularly well". On the other hand, many are praising Ukrainian civilians at large for their boldness in taking matters into their own hands.

In another video shared in the past few days, a Ukrainian man from Berdyansk - located in the Zaporizhzhia Oblast region of the country - can be seen picking up a landmine with his bare hands and removing it from the road.


Not only was he unwilling to waste time waiting for the bomb disposal unit to arrive but he didn't even bother to put his fag out.

The world may be anxiously watching and praying for the situation to be resolved soon but they are also in awe at the Ukrainian people's unbelievable bravery at this time.

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