This Korean guy showing how to speak Manchester dialect is hilarious 5 years ago

This Korean guy showing how to speak Manchester dialect is hilarious

Speaking English is bloody hard enough when you've lived here all your life.

So it must be a bloody nightmare to grasp when you've moved to Britain from abroad.


The English language is riddled with linguistic inconsistencies, odd spellings, weird pronunciations, exceptions to every rule and baffling vocabulary we've nicked from everywhere from French to Hindi and Urdu.

You only have to look at this famous poem and try and read every word to understand, even for English people, how bonkers our language can be.

And that's even before you try to decipher to many accents and dialects that are spoken up and down these Isles from Cornwall to Clydeside.


Fortunately we have the help of Korean Billy who has not only mastered the English tongue, but is impressively au fait with some of Britain's most puzzling dialects.

He's already shown off his knowledge and repertoire of British dialects in this classic video comparing posh BBC-style pronunciation with accents like Scouse and Cockney.


But now the brilliant Billy has turned his attentions towards teaching the world the finer details of understanding and speaking like Frank Gallagher and Co.

We're not going to lie, we're bloody impressed with his efforts. He's absolutely nailed the phrase 'y'alright our kid'.

Expect to see him on Coronation Street in the very near future...


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