This genius trick will boost your iPhone battery life 6 months ago

This genius trick will boost your iPhone battery life

Anything to fight Apple's neverending policy of battery austerity

We've all tried the usual tricks to keep our iPhone's alive for more than an hour at a time, but sometimes Airplane mode and running on low power just isn't enough and you're right back at 1% before you know it.


That being said, people are always discovering novel new ways to maximise the amount of charge on their iPhone, or at least being turned on (pardon the pun) to tips and tricks others have been using for years.

We have to admit, today is one of those days but we'll sideline our frustration to tell you one very simple way of saving that extra bit of battery. For those of you that have a hundred and one tabs open, pay attention.

That's right, while you might think closing your Safari app is enough to make sure it isn't draining your battery in the background, you'd be wrong: TikToker @amber_skye is known for posting iPhone hacks to her channel and, in this case, she's got a really simple one that might have just saved us a lot of time tied to a charger

@ambre_skye Have you ever tried this?? #iphone #lifehack #iphonehacks #tipsandtricks #iphonetricks #ios15 #PepsiApplePieChallenge ♬ Money - Cardi B

As you can see, going into your settings, finding Safari and changing the 'Close Tabs' function from manually to every month, week or even every day could not only declutter your tabs but also help your phone run much efficiently and therefore save you a lot of juice on the long run.

Put in the simplest terms possible, like on a computer, having lots of tabs open slows down your browser because each one is consuming your system’s short-term data storage.


Whether it's a phone or a laptop, your RAM (Random Access Memory) stores everything running on a device, even stuff in the background that you don't notice. So while you thought closing the app might be enough, if you still had tabs open, the phone has to use its temporary memory to restore them once you load it back up again.

We can't believe it took a TikTok video for us to figure this out, to be honest. Nevertheless, Skye's page is full of various iPhone tips and tricks that can not only help save you battery but keep your phone better organised, run quicker and last longer overall.

The company even had to apologise for intentionally slowing down older models and back in June 2021, a lawsuit claimed that manufacturers were intentionally tanking battery life with iOS updates in an effort to execute "planned obsolescence" — i.e. forcing performance throttling them to the point you need to replace it sooner.

We're onto you, Apple, but with hacks like this, we might just win the good fight. Or at least survive an extra 10 minutes without having to charge our phone...


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