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24th Apr 2017

How to charge your iPhone battery in five minutes

A quick guide to supercharging your iPhone...

Cathy Donohue


If there’s one thing that drives us mad on a daily basis, it’s the terrible battery life of our iPhones.

Yeah, there’s lots of people who will tell you to jump on the Android train but if you’re a diehard Apple fan and can’t face the change, this is for you.

Apparently, there are a couple of tips that when used in conjunction can build up your battery life and when the folks at Business Insider tried them together, they managed to bring the battery from empty to full within five minutes.

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Apparently, an iPad wall charger is your best bet for charging quickly because they transfer electricity more quickly than other charging devices (charger plugged into wall/ USB attached to a computer).
  2. When it’s charging, leave your phone alone because turning on the phone’s display at all, even to look at a message or check the time, will eat into the battery you’re trying to build up.
  3. Turn on flight mode when charging (we know you know this already) and when finished charging, activate ‘Low Power Mode’ in Settings.
  4. Turn off Push Notifications, yep those pesky pop-ups drain battery life and to be honest, they get really annoying anyway. Once you’ve turned them off to charge your phone quickly, you may not want to put them back on.

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