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20th Apr 2018

A Peaky Blinders festival is coming to London and it sounds incredible

Get your flatcaps on

Keeley Ryan

Peaky Blinders fans, take note.

There’s a six-week pop-up festival coming to London that is just perfect for you.

The event, hosted by The Feasty Blinders, will give fans the chance to completely immerse themselves in a restaurant inspired by the crime drama.

Most of the details about the festival itself are being kept under wraps, but The Feasty Blinders have shared some details on their website.

They wrote:

“Celebrating the family’s rapid expansion across England and into London, the notorious Feasty Blinders invite you to join them for an evening of opulence and hedonism at the newly acquired Club Eden in the heart of London.”

Guests will get complimentary cocktails when the arrive, as well as being treated to some immersive entertainment and a feast “to die for”.

There’s still lots to be discovered about the event itself, though – even simply where it’s taking place.

As The Feasty Blinders have got “so many enemies across London”, only the guests lucky enough to get an invite will be getting the exact location and details to the celebration.

If you fancy a chance at receiving an invite, you can sign up on The Feasty Blinders’ website.

The pop-up series will be running every Tuesday and Wednesday, beginning May 15.