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23rd Sep 2016

In case you didn’t know, you can get breakfast at Nando’s – but only at one of its restaurants

Nando's Breakfast. THIS IS NOT A DRILL

Ben Kenyon

If you’re like us, you’d probably eat Nando’s peri-peri chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We would have no qualms at all about tucking into an extra-hot butterfly chicken and some fino sides to start the day.

But if spicy chicken isn’t quite your thing at 6am in the morning, there’s one Nando’s restaurant in Britain where you can actually have something along the more traditional breakfast lines.

We don’t know how the hell it has escaped our attention, but the Nando’s at Gatwick Airport has a breakfast menu. No you didn’t read that wrong – it has an actual BREAKFAST menu.

Not only is Gatwick the cult chicken chain’s first airport restaurant in the world, but it’s the only place you can get their extra special breakfast offerings in Britain.

We’re not going to lie, it looks absolutely incredible…

Nando’s says on its website that it is pioneering menu choices like Spiced Maple Pancakes and Spiced Maple French toast.

The restaurant’s Nando’s Benedict sounds pretty damn good too – it includes two chicken fillet pieces, two poached eggs and wilted spinach topped with PERi-hollandaise, served on a Portuguese roll spread with chilli jam and a sprinkle of PERi-salt and fresh herbs.

Don’t pretend you wouldn’t smash several of those before getting on a flight to Portugal.

They also do two omelettes including Chicken and Fresh Herb, and Spinach, Tomato and Cheese.

How are people still harping on about McDonald’s breakfast when you can get this sort of scran on our Sceptered Isle?

It seems we’re not the only folk to have only just got the memo…

You can get the breakfast at Nando’s’ Gatwick South Terminal Airside outlet from 4am to 11am every morning. It’s worth booking a flight to anywhere just to be able to try it out.

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