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11th Jun 2022

Rebranded Russian McDonald’s reveals new logo after billionaire takeover

Danny Jones

Russian McDonald's rebrand

The company pulled out of the country back in March

Russia‘s rebranded McDonald‘s restaurants have revealed their new logo after the fast-food franchise sold off nearly 850 restaurants following mounting pressure over the invasion of Ukraine.

The reveal comes as part of the announcement that the first newly rebranded location in Pushkin Square, Moscow – the same place where the US corporation opened its first venue back in 1990 – will open along with 11 other sites across the city in line with Russia Day on June 12., according to TASS Russian News Agency.

A total of 15 restaurants bearing this new logo will be rolled out, initially, as part of the regional rebrand, with the towns of Odintsovo, Reutov and Khimki all reopening their locations alongside the dozen situated in the nation’s capital.

Moreover, as per multiple outlets, the fast-food joint’s new mobile app is now called “My Burger”, suggesting that this could be the name of the newly-bought businesses, though this has yet to be confirmed.

A total of 847 existing Russian locations were bought out by billionaire Alexander Govor after McDonald’s shut down operations on March 14 following the invasion and officially sold the sites in May.

The Siberian-based businessman made his fortune through coal mining before moving into oil and eventually entering the farming and food industries, purchasing a company that owns cattle farms and produces milk and sausages.

Russian McDonald's rebrand

As for his promises to former McDonald’s based in Russia, he has so far pledged to pay the wages of some 60,000 employees for the next two years and the chain confirmed he would be keeping on the country’s corporate employees in the immediate future.

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