Primary school kids behind bars in Putin's Russia for 'waving anti-war signs' 5 months ago

Primary school kids behind bars in Putin's Russia for 'waving anti-war signs'

A truly surreal look inside Putin's regime

Shocking images of Russian school kids behind bars are circulating online after they were said to have been detained for waving "anti-war posters" as their country's president continues to invade Ukraine.


As you can see in the images originally shared by Ilya Yashin - the deputy of the municipal district of Krasnoselsky, an area located within Russia's capital of Moscow - multiple children can be seen locked up behind bars holding colourful signs.


As these shocking images show, at least three children can be seen locked inside some form of cage and the bottom right image even appears to show a young Russian girl being processed by local authorities.

Yashin's translated caption reads: "Nothing out of the ordinary: just kids in paddy wagons behind an anti-war poster. This is Putin's Russia, folks. You live here."

These incredible images, some of which are thought to have been taken in the back of a police van, are just a few among many truly unbelievable scenes as the Russian people protest for peace and call for an end to President Putin's invasion.

None more so than in Ukraine itself though, as striking images of children gathered in bomb shelters bear a striking resemblance to World War II and serve as a reminder that the innocent continue to be dragged into conflicts across Europe and further east.


TV presenter and journalist Piers Morgan even took to calling on UK politicians to act as yet more heartbreaking images and footage of the Ukrainian people's suffering is being shared on social media,

According to the OVD-Info human rights project, nearly 7,000 people have already been detained in as many as 50 cities since February 24 and the total death toll in Ukraine - estimated to be over 350 civilians alone - continues to increase as Russian forces advance through their cities.


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