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02nd Apr 2023

Pilot left frustrated after airport worker assumes she’s a flight attendant because she’s a woman

Steve Hopkins

‘I’m offended for you’

A pilot has expressed her annoyance after a gate agent at an airport assumed she was a flight attended – and not a pilot.

And apparently it wasn’t a one-off either.

Sabrina Johnson vented her anger about the incident on TikTok where it has been viewed 2.6m times.


Its jarring to me because they work at an airport. You know what the pilot uniforms are 😭 #pilotsoftiktok #airlines #fyp #bruh

♬ Miss You (Sped Up Version) – _

“Gate agent looked me in the eye today and asked if I was the flight attendant,” she wrote, adding that it was, unfortunately, a “common occurrence”.

Sabrina Johnson added that the mix-up was so “jarring to me” because it came from staff members who worked at an airport, so they really should know a pilot’s uniform when they see one.

Despite the odd career bump, Sabrina has made it clear she loves her life in the air, which make up the the majority of the 22-year-old’s posts on the video-sharing platform.

Commenters on Sabrina’s post also thought it odd that anyone working at an airport wouldn’t instantly recognise a pilot’s uniform.

One person wrote: “As a flight attendant I’m offended for you. Unacceptable. They know our uniforms.”

Another suggested Sabrina should have replied: “Yah, it’s dress up like a pilot day.”

A third said she should have asked the staff member if they were the “janitor?’

Other women shared stories of times when someone had assumed they wouldn’t have a higher-up role because of their gender, with one saying she ran a business but a client told her she “shouldn’t be so arrogant because I was just an assistant”.

A software engineer wrote that. she was sick of “the amount of times men will assume I’m a designer”.