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24th Sep 2023

Plane passengers get $1,400 refund after dog farted on them for 13 hours

Steve Hopkins

At first the dog was snorting… but then it started farting

A couple has been compensated after claiming that spent 13-hours on a plane next to a dog that kept farting, snoring and drooling on them.

Gill and Warren Press made headlines earlier this month after telling how the emotional support dog left “saliva good” all over their legs and ruined stopped their flight from Paris to Singapore.

The incident happened with the flatulent four-legged traveller during the first leg of the couple’s their trip to New Zealand.

Gill told New Zealand media outlet, Stuff that at first she thought it was her husband’s phone making strange noises.

“I heard this noise – a heavy snorting,” she told the website.

“I thought it was my husband’s phone, but we looked down and realised it was the dog breathing.

“I said, ‘I’m not having this sitting next to us the whole trip.’”

The couple raised the issue with a flight attendant but were told the only option was to move from premium economy to economy.

Not wanting to relocate, the couple’s stayed put, and put up with the dog’s continued “farting” throughout the journey.

Gill further explained: “They couldn’t have the dog out in the aisle because they couldn’t get the trolleys through, so it had to come in further, which meant his head was under my husband’s feet.

“My husband was in shorts, and was getting the dog’s saliva goo on his leg.”

The couple’s first complaint led to an offer of $116 worth of travel vouchers, which they were unhappy with.

After months of emails to Singapore Airlines, the New Zealand couple said they received about $1,410 which they plan to donate to an organisation that matches vision-impaired people with service dogs.

Gill told Insider: “The principal wasn’t about the money, it was truly about making people accountable.”

Singapore Airlines said in a statement: “Singapore Airlines (SIA) apologises to Mr and Mrs Press for their experience on board their flight from Paris to Singapore.

“SIA endeavours to notify customers who may be seated next to an assistance dog prior to boarding. In circumstances where customers seated next to an assistance dog request to be moved, we will assist to re-seat customers within the same cabin if space permits.

“In this instance, we were unable to move Mr and Mrs Press within the same cabin as the Premium Economy Class cabin was full. Our crew offered to move Mr and Mrs Press to two empty seats in Economy Class, which they accepted after take-off. “We are in contact with them to provide further necessary assistance on this matter.”

Read the Insider story here:

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