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27th Aug 2016

This guy’s text to his university-bound girlfriend has absolutely no chill

Never ever do this.

Paul Moore

You can almost feel the love…and paranoia here.

After the A-level results were announced, plenty of British students have started making plans for their plans for the university year ahead and as is the norm, a large number of students will be moving out of their family homes.

While this is undoubtedly an exciting time, there’s also a small element of sadness involved because for many, it’s their first experience of living away from home.

Saying goodbye to those regular home cooked meals is always difficult, but for all you romantics, moving away might be a lot tougher because it will undoubtedly add some extra stress on any relationships that you might have.

If this is the case, we sincerely hope that your young love will last forever but you’ve a better chance of going the distance with your partner by avoiding texts like this.

While we’ve all found ourselves fighting a little jealously with our partner on occasion, there is a level of jealousy that just becomes totally ridiculous and moves from “cute and caring” to “scary and controlling”.

Trust is an important part of every relationship, and this is not what it looks like.


Image via – Imgur

Hopefully the author of this bizarre message calms the fuck down or the recipient finds herself someone who can actually trust her.

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