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01st Nov 2022

Mum, 46, reckons she looks the same age as her daughter, 22

Tobi Akingbade

Age is nothing but a number

A lot of us may reckon we are look younger than we actually do, but one woman  is so convinced that she looks like her 22-year-old daughter’s sister.

46-year-old Barbie Porter looks fantastic no matter her age and undeniably shares a resemblance with her daughter Haile Ray.

In a clip posted on her TikTok account the mum asked viewers to guess which one of them was 46 and 22.

She asked: “Who’s the mum, who’s the daughter, let us know in the comments.”

Viewers were quick to point out that although the mum looked stunning, she was clearly the older one.

“Neck and wrinkles say it all, sorry mom,” one wrote.

A second agreed: “Plaid shirt is 46. It’s her neck giving it away.”

Barbie replied to one of the comments jokingly hiding her neck underneath her hoody.

But despite the comments saying they didn’t look the same age the young mum insisted the people often tell her she looks 20.

In another clip, she smiled at the camera as Fame by Irene Cara played in the background as the lyrics “I’m gonna live forever” played.

She captioned the clip: “If I had one second added to my life every time someone told me I looked twenty.”

Some viewers agreed that she did look very young though, one even compared her to Paris Hilton.

Someone else wrote: “Come on my dear. Yes you look good but 22 is young.”

Another quipped: “Lol it’s so obvious who is who.”

Zoe Saldana, elsewhere, has shocked fans after she convincingly played a student half her age. 

The 44-year-old stars in Netflix’s From Scratch, a romantic mini-series that has just landed on the platform.

One user on Twitter wrote: “I started from scratch and it’s cute but it’s just so funny that they have Zoe Saldana playing a 20 something year old.”

“Zoe Saldana doesn’t age at all,” another posted, adding: “so flawless. I’m comparing her from the movie Colombiana to the Netflix series ‘From Scratch’ and she hasn’t changed a bit. What a gorgeous woman!”

A third shocked social media user, shared: “Zoe Saldaña is 44 years old playing someone who is seemingly not that too far out of college age in From Scratch? This is crazy.”

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