Mike Tyson thinks he’s going to die ‘really soon’ 3 weeks ago

Mike Tyson thinks he’s going to die ‘really soon’

'my expiration date's coming close'

Boxing legend Mike Tyson has revealed that he thinks he'll die "really soon" on a recent episode of his podcast.


Speaking on the July 13 edition of Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson, the 56-year-old former fighter was in a discussion with therapist Sean McFarland when he confessed that he believes he doesn't have much longer left.

McFarland, who specialises in trauma and addiction, was discussing the notion of being secure in life and the misconception that money will make you feel settled and happy, remarking that "poorness is a frame of mind".

Speaking to the therapist and his fellow guest DJ Whoo Kid, Tyson said: "we're all gonna die one day, of course, then when I look in the mirror and see those little spots on my face and I think wow, my expiration date's coming close - really soon".


Not dwelling on the sentence for even a moment, Tyson quickly asks McFarland about dealing with the anxiety of your own mortality - "What do you do about that? That death thing" - to which the life coach and chemical dependency specialist simply replies: "I never worry about it man, I'm not sweating it. I just wanna die consciously, I don't wanna die screaming".

McFarland goes on to state that he's heard the "last rites" of many famous people and several of them went out "screaming" because "they're not right with truth and they're haunted by all their demons"

As for Tyson, he doesn't give any further indication as to potential ill health or other pressing issues that might be impacting his life; it would seem he was only discussing getting older and the inevitability of death as we all do.


Both in previous episodes of the podcast and on various other shows, 'Iron Mike' has long discussed his battles with substance abuse and depression, with one particular conversation including a moment where he said he "hated himself". The clip went viral just a couple of years ago - a sentiment he echoed on this very same episode.

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