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18th Nov 2023

McDonald’s employee shares simple hack to ensure you always get fresh fries

Ryan Grace

This could be a real game changer…

Slowly but surely there’s a McDonald’s popping up on every other street corner in every major city worldwide.

It’s a franchise that feeds over 1% of the world’s population every single day.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick McMuffin and coffee before work or chowing down on an iconic Big Mac burger, the golden arches are never too far away.

Well McDonald’s lovers can rejoice, because an employee has shared some insider knowledge on how to always get the perfect side of fries.

McDonald’s fries (Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for McDonald’s)

The secret to perfect McDonald’s fries

A McDonald’s worker in America who goes by the name of ‘mcdsgirll’ on TikTok has shared an insider tip to guarantee yourself fresh fries every time you visit.

Well, she was actually complaining about the ‘trick’ but it sounds like a pretty easy way to avoid a sad side for your meal.

Shared to TikTok, she simply captioned the clip: “The WORST.”
Credit: @mcdsgirll on TikTok

No more sad McDonald’s fries

In the video, Grace explains an age old secret to getting freshly made fries with your order:

“If you go to McDonald’s and ask for ‘no salt’ on your fries just to get them fresh and then ask for a handful of salt, you are the worst kind of customer.

Just ask us to make them fresh.”

It really is that simple!

Just ask for no salt on your fries, and then the pre-salted fries that have been sitting there won’t become part of your order.

It seems to be an old trick, but definitely one worth trying on your next visit!